Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Creta: Creta

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Artist: Creta
Title: Creta
Format: LP
Label: Karl
Creta is a collaboration between established musicians Massimo Pupillo, Luciano Lamanna and Roberto Zanisi, who approach this from different backgrounds and unsurprisingly have concocted a release that is very hard to pigeonhole.

Four minutes into opening track “...And Everything That Shines” it’s easy to think you already have the measure of it- dark drones, distant processed string noises, and a barren soundscape. But suddenly we meet a superslow bouncing techno kick sound, and moments later, a Spanish-influenced bit of acoustic guitar noodling. After a while this opens up and the beat fades away into something calmer, almost jazzy with vibe sounds, but never losing the deep rumbling experimental undercurrent.

“Babe In The Egg Of Blue” opens with a slightly increased sense of urgency, with a constantly ebbing bass note that threatens something explosive for several minutes before the slightly playful guitar playing settles us into accepting that this strange arrangement is our new normal, like getting used to a choppy ferry ride.

Final track “Future Humans In Form Of Aur” again opens quite cinematically before settling into another plaintive but complex atmosphere, this time highlighting the violin work alongside the plucked, this time faintly Americana guitar. Of the three tracks, this is perhaps the one that sounds somewhat dragged out, fading away in the midpoint very slowly without surprises once its initial arrangement has been established, with a solo guitar section tacked on somewhat awkwardly to finish.

At 31 minutes it’s a mini album in which the collaborators behind Creta have built something that sounds fresh and distinctive. It’s sonically self-indulgent in some ways, but intriguing and full of character.


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