Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Artist: This Is Where
Title: This Is Where
Format: LP
Label: Hallow Ground
Despite the suburban-looking artwork, This Is Where are a New York City-based collaboration of Algis Kizys, Swans guitarist Norman Westberg, and Lynn Wright. Mixing up guitar, bass, feedback, reverb and decay, they’ve dished up forty minutes of spacious, slightly murky drone. It ebbs and flows vigorously, sometimes with a slightly aggressive edge, sometimes with a more sinister and alien rumbling tone, with some exceptionally low and immersive bass sounds.

While each track flows with smooth fluidity, the transitions between tracks is more abrasive, with the segue from “2:2-7” into “4:5” a particular wake-up call for anyone beginning to suspect this work could be described as ambient throughout. “1-6:0” is the mellowest piece and perhaps a little generic, but is made up for by “3-4:5”’s unusual welding of low industrial-like tones into something bordering on synth-symphonic while ghostly upper end noises inject a note of tension.

Fans of acts like Resonance Association should enjoy wallowing in the spaced-out drones of this (is where).


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