Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Émanton
Title: Post Tenebras Lux
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Medical Records
The 4 tracks of Post Tenebras Lux have the structure and format of hard, flat techno- 4/4 rhythms, DJ-friendly arrangements, progressive switching in and out of layers, it’s all well-trodden stuff. But what makes this EP so different is the sonic quality, the choice of instrumentation and sounds used, which gives it a decidedly different twist.

“Breathe Outside De Box” [sic] is fascinatingly dark. What ought to be bass is actually sub-bass, what ought to be simple synth pads is distorted and squealing noise. “Circleofliez” has a slightly more recognisable EQ, channeling some more 80’s Cabaret Voltaire-like harsh electro and industrial noises over a deceptively soft kick. This links well with the title track, which is a bit more attitude-laden with its Peter Rauhofer kick, two-note-switch bassline and impetuous acid bleeping. Final track “Room For One Soul” (in a shorter version than the one plugged on XLR8R last year) is more paired down in terms of layers, playing with the counter-rhythms of a bass pattern running a different length to the kick pattern, fading in and out as an infectious experiment.

Argentinian Émanton is a thereminist (among other things) and this is on display with some of the live, organic, improvised feel that can be heard in some of the melodies and spontaneous sounds that ride above the steady 4/4s. That little dash of organic influence, coupled with the truly unusual choice of sound palettes for what would otherwise be very conventional techno, makes this a really distinctive release.


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