Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Maurizio Abate
Title: Standing Waters
Format: CD & 12"
Label: Boring Machines
Maurizio Abate offers up a 5-track album which hybridises folksy acoustic guitar instrumentals, with a more mesmeric looping pattern approach that Philip Glass or Wim Mertens have applied to strings (most notable on opening track “Odonata”). Subtle extra string work broadens the arrangements but this is still essentially a near-solo folk guitar instrumental album, with final track “Standing/Crumbling” the most expansive-sounding of the set thanks to the enhancements of string and piano.

At times, such as on “Shaping The Mud”, this sounds like folk-pop that’s just missing its vocal- there’s a slow but definitely present sense of a verse-chorus structure at play. “Nymphs Dance”, after a sparser opening, also heads this way, meanders off into slightly more angsty plucking, works its way back into singer-songwriter territory before a dramatic finale, all in the space of just over ten minutes.

It’s an assertive and focussed work from an established session guitarist and producer branching out with his own identity. It is perhaps a little bit ‘safe’ and folksy at times but it’s a very rich and warm listen. It’s sweetly presented in a gatefold CD sleeve too.


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