Friday, September 25, 2020
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Artist: Aaron Spectre
Title: Roots We Seek
Format: 12" + Download
Label: Jahmoni Music
Roots We Seek is a joyous soundclash of an EP, broadly structured as jungle-meets-drum-and-bass but throwing in generous doses of reggae and rock guitars, Jamaican-style hip-hop vocals alongside smatterings of electronica squeaks and squirls, scratches and record stop sounds. Some of that’s not the regular fodder we’re most often sent at ChainDLK but you can’t help but get into the infectious energy factor that runs throughout.

The title track is the most poppy and radio-friendly, with the most feel-good and positive vibe of the set and a less kick-heavy jungle rhythm, even (less so) on the chorus. I’m not sure where the sample is from but it reminds me of some of LSK’s first couple of albums.

“They Don’t Know We” has a gritty attitude and fury-laden complex drum programming with a decidedly cathartic vibe, and “Three O’Clock Rock” takes things further in that direction with howling guitar feedback and an almost gabba-like mania that gets sharply contrasted by the steady reggae breakdowns. “Hey Natty Dreadlocks” takes the very familiar ‘under mi sensi’ vocal and wraps it on another frantic, siren-laden bit of d&b with serious urgency.

Exhibiting spectacular control over an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink sonic arrangement, fans of acts like The Qemists or the more energetic offerings from other sonically open-minded acts like Dreadzone or Afro-Celt Sound System will love this, as will- yes I’m going to say it- the junglist massive.


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