Monday, July 6, 2020
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VV.AA.: Sounds From The Matrix Vol. 19

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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Sounds From The Matrix Vol. 19
Format: CD + Download
Label: Alfa-Matrix (@)
Rated: *****
A great way to discover new music and bands (or maybe some bands you already know but haven't kept up with) is through label compilation CDs. For the electro/industrial/synthpop genres, few do it better than the Alfa-Matrix label. This is their 19th label compilation, and that has to count for something. Alfa-Matrix comps can also be collector's items after they go out of print, so it's worth getting the physical CD. I can't say I've been lucky enough to own many of them (I think I acquired
one years ago, but can't remember where it is now) so I can't compare this one to others, but there is plenty of really cool stuff on it. Twenty tracks by twenty different artists, and I can only give a thumbnail description of each. Begins with ElektroklÄnge doing "Heimkonsole" (Mehrsprachige Version), a retro Kraftwerkian number with vocoder German vocals, steady kick for the beat, and bubbly synths. Low key but effective. Metroland offers "Man in a Frame," with spoken male & female vocals in the same mid-tempo rhythm as the previous track. Nice noirish synthwork. AD:KEY picks up the pace with "Reanimator"(Phoenix Version), more German vocals (male & female), in monochromatic melody, and the enhanced rhythm makes for good dance fodder. ELM's "Wapenrustning" (Hard-Mix) begins with the vocal chorus - "Know your place in the food chain" so you'll know right off the bat what this song is about. Carried off with a basic beat and nice bass synth groove, but not much more than that. Mildreda's "Neon Eon" starts out with a jarring vocal sample - "I said your fucking baby's gonna burn" and the music is full of plenty of industrial samples and sounds amidst the synths with
vocals that border on hellectro. It's kind of a mish-mosh but still pretty cool. Then you get "Blowback" from Psychic Force and this is a monster of a dancefloor stomper. The hook is in the instrumental synth break, and although the melody sounds like something I've heard before, it still carries some weight. Vocals sort of along the lines of early Front Line Assembly. Star Industry's "Shiver" (Aesthetische Cold Mix) sounds like John Foxx gone electro-industrial. So far this is the best realized track on the CD, with really good hit potential. "Anathema" by Crytek offers both raspy and clean vocals, but it's the clean vocals that have the grabbing hook. Mondtraume shows you "All You Cannot See" (Crytek Mix) and though the vocals are kind of "meh" it has a good driving beat. Kant Kino's "Wrong" sounds right to me with a really good chorus hook and brief amusing sampled phrases. Junksista featuring Essence of Mind disses "Monday" (everybody hates you), and sort of sounds like two different songs, but is memorable enough. I'ce already reviewed Psy'Aviah's "Game Changer" on the "Lightflare" album review, but it fits in well enough with the other tracks on this comp. "Kamikaze
Angel" comes courtesy of Helalyn Flowers, and it's the kind of track that makes you want to hear more from this band. Powerful female vocalist sounding like Pat Benatar gone electro-industrial. Outstanding, and another highlight from this comp. "Dead Sea" by Lovelorn Dolls didn't impress me nearly as much; sort of came off like Bel Canto gone metal. Sin.Sin featuring Helalyn Flowers has a moody groove, but wasn't nearly as good as Helalyn Flowers' "Kamikaze Angel." Imjudas is the dark
electro project of maXX from Helalyn Flowers (that band seems to have their prints all over this comp) and "Tulpa" sounds like Duran Duran gone dark electro. If nothing else, Komo Kommando will likely be remembered for their catchy "Music is My Religion"; just one of those songs that invades your brain and won't let go. Now here's a blast from the past - Mentallo & the Fixer with "Methodical Damage." Every lesson these guys ever learned from Skinny Puppy is packed solidly into this
instrumental track. Not likely to get much radio or club play but it's still loads of industrial fun. Implant's "The Phone Call" (Implant RMX) is strange and experimental for sure. Weird techno meets performance art. Final track by Schwarzblut is indeed an interesting one. Classical meets EBM, sung in German and I wouldn't have it any other way with these folks. Light and dark, heavy and floaty, totally eclectic, poetic and wonderful. I was actually stunned when it ended and left wanting more more more!

So as you can see there's plenty of good stuff on this Alfa-Matrix comp, and it can be yours for absolutely free- with a purchase of one of their physical products from the Alfa-Matrix store (CD, DVD or vinyl). Or, you can listen to it streaming from their Bandcamp site for free! If you'd prefer a digital copy, you can get that there as well for about 9 Euros. Go buy something- support the label, support the band, support the music!


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