Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Sandunes: Does Bombay Dream Of Nola

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Artist: Sandunes
Title: Does Bombay Dream Of Nola
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Artist Originals
Mumbai-based Sandunes offers up a short 4-track EP of quirky downtempo electronica that blends some Indian flavours into bright, lightly-stepping, glitchy, faintly hip-hoppy electronica.

“Does Bombay Dream Of NOLA” is a strong opener, centring around very short Bollywood-like vocal samples, completely reshaped into new patterns, with warm pad envelopes, Rhodes-like keys and tightly aligned, slightly jazzy percussive elements. “Gold Streets” also has a warm swagger to it, perfect strolling music. The quirky fade-then-return before the end is a particularly interesting touch.

“Nutterfly” is heavily reminiscent of Luke Vibert’s Wagon Christ monicker, with a lovely strutting groove that underpins some bleeps and spoken word snippets that exude a greater sense of fun than perhaps Sandunes actually intended, while final track “The Trust” does manage a more sombre atmosphere with long synth pads and a sombre melody playing well against another steady and toe-tapping lower section.

Clocking in around 13 minutes overall it’s a brief calling card, dipping into a very pleasant and poppy set of arrangements that sets high expectations for future releases. It also comes as an audio-visual package, with every track accompanied by animation.


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