Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Yoshinori Hayashi: Uncountable Set

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Artist: Yoshinori Hayashi
Title: Uncountable Set
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Disco Halal
Yoshinori Hayashi’s four-track EP is a collection of tracks from the more wigged-out side of trip-hop and casual walking-pace electronica. Over some lovely and complex yet quite organic-feeling drumming and steady basslines, a procession of unexpected layers roll out and combine to create something with a really quite distinctive flavour that seems intent on wanting you to nod your head comfortably yet feel slightly confused at the same time.

Opening track “Palanquin Bearing Monkey” centres around some drunken, tape-warped piano forming the weirdest jazz groove you’ve heard all week, joined by strangely infectious clapping. The real low string sounds on “Stepping On Dewdrops” are a lovely touch, the improvised and super-quirky vocal evocations perhaps just a touch too knowingly weird.

“Pneuma” is a stand-out track that commands attention. The use of gradually building and seemingly arhythmic choral sounds over a steady and seriously funky bassline is one of those inspired arrangements that ought not to work, yet does. Final track “Chember” is the darkest and most experimental offering, again focussing on vocal ahhhs and wails but this time with a deeper and harder-to-follow rhythm that seems to want to run away from the listener.

An early contender for one of 2018’s most standout weird-and-wonderful, sort-of-electronica offerings.


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