Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Artist: Aidan Casserly
Title: "Dirk Bogarde Suite" + "Winter Papers"
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: House Of Analogue
Rated: *****
Aidan Casserly is at his peak of creativity and this time he brings to his audience two new releases: the first one is an EP titled "Dirk Bogarde Suite" and the second one is a new album titled "Winter Papers". "Dirk Bogarde Suite" contains four tracks which are based on four key moments of the life of the English actor/writer named in the title. The titles "War Finds You Out", "Idol Of The Odeons", "Exile" and "A Forgotten Icon" are somehow self explanatory. I didn't know him, but the fact that his 1961 role, as an homosexual lawyer into the Basil Dearden movie "Victim", touched so deeply the audience who formed movements which forced the English parliament to change some laws about that matter, amazed me. An actor and a movie that can influence society. It would be a sort of dream nowadays. Musically, besides "Idol Of The Odeons", which is a nice upbeat song a la Marc Almond of the "Stories Of Johnny" period, the other three are inspired piano ballads ("Exile, is a little bit more "experimental" with its sax solo intermezzos that break in changing the atmosphere, though). "Winter Papers", contains songs where Aidan is using the poems of Monica Brito on ten out of eleven (Aidan wrote the lyrics for "The Lady"). Monica Brito is a Portuguese poet/artist based now in Canada which book titled like this album, containing her poems / illustrations, will be out sometimes in the year. A mutual friend on Facebook introduced them as her writing style is similar to Aidan's and he gladly got in contact. Most of the tracks are ballads based on piano and occasional strings parts. The ones that particularly catched my attention are "Silent Sounds" and "Pieces", as they are a bit different. The first one is a jazzy semi upbeat tune really minimal but able to create a great atmosphere and the second is a really good one where piano, distorted guitar chords, strings and drums create a nice mix of energetic crescendo and atmospheric moments. Also "The Lady", which is closing the album, is a really good one: it contains a mix of spoken word, piano and synth pads, thing that is creating a sort of cinematic effect I liked. I think that the minimalistic approach is due to the will to make the people focus on Brito's lyrics as a form of respect toward the feelings of the person he was collaborating with.


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