Monday, September 28, 2020
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Die Tödliche Doris: Sprechpause

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Artist: Die Tödliche Doris
Title: Sprechpause
Format: LP
Label: Fang Bomb
Digging out the source recordings for the final track of your 1982 debut album and reworking them into a new 15-minute EP for 2018 may seem a very self-indulgent thing to do. Add to that the overriding concept of ‘pause music’ and the fact the second side of the vinyl is completely blank, and it does seem quite conceited. But luckily the 15 minutes of audio has the merit to excuse that, if not justify it.

Heavily processed analogue tape recordings and found sounds are extensively reprocessed through both analogue and digital effects modules into a relatively warm, somewhat fuzzy bit of experimental electronic bathing with emphasis on low tones and fuzz.

Opening track “Sendepause” is a strangely impenetrable array of detuned radio noise and electronic bubbling. The dark sinister sci-fi rumblings of “Payment Pause” are a highlight, with the lo-fi rhythmic proto-techno of “Acht-Jahres-Pause” of definite note as well. “Schweigeminute” sounds like an unearthed bit of 1960’s BBC Radiophonic Workshop off-cut, invoking images of clunky black-and-white robots slowly approaching. Final track “Pausenmusik” is predominantly just a wall of random noise- not actual white noise, something more shaped with occasional ghosts cutting through, but essentially a noise wash to round it off.

It’s audio with a distinctly dated and lo-fi feel as far as electronic experimentation goes, but the middle tracks are certainly worth checking out if you’re in the mood for something analogue and raw on the electronics front.


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