Friday, September 25, 2020
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Artist: Giovanni Lami (@)
Title: Hysteresis III
Format: Tape
Label: Soft Error
Rated: *****
While the previous two parts were recorded in Ravenna and Solfatara, "Hysteresis III" was recorded in Valencia and, more or less consciously, this in another step forward an organic sound object from the noisy and abstract introduction to this modus operandi heard in "Hysteresis I", where the manipulation to enhance the typical noises of a reel to reel tape recorder as the Nagra V, used in this project, created a sonic representation of a ghost.
As the first voices of the first side are heard, this third chapter is marked by an approach closer to the canonical field recordings release with the tape manipulation reduced to the minimum; the great cure for spatialization creates a realistic environment and the tape noises are mainly used to separate the section of the track. The B side is instead more on the path of the previous chapter as more time is devoted to the tape manipulation at the beginning and at the end of the track while the central part is based on the playback of the voices recorded and this is another cue of the character of this release, while the first two parts were recorded in a probable uninhabited environment, in this tape the human presence is underlined.
Instead of repeating himself, Giovanni Lami decided to take his project in a slightly different direction so it could probably be enjoyable by a wider audience as it's less noisy and more evocative. I'm curious to hear the last two chapters.


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