Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Artist: Kotra (@)
Title: Cicada
Format: CD
Label: Kvitnu (@)
Rated: *****
The info-sheet attached to this new release by Ukrainian label Kvitnu doesn't mention the reason why the six tracks of this output by label boss Dmytro Fedorenko didn't reach the audience after they were forged, but better late than never. Actually there's an analogy between the long delay between the birth and the surfacing of this release by Kotra and the life cycle of the insects quoted in the title: before resurfacing and living for a short period (between some weeks and a few months) as adults, they spent years (the genus mentioned in the opening track "Magicicada" - mostly living in America - requires between 13 and 17 years) under the ground where they complete the growing process. After their growth, they resurface together after digging intricates web of tunnels and males uses the known whisper to group the other members of the community. The six tracks of "Cicada" (as you can easily guess by their titles as well) render this life cycle by means of finely sharpened rhythmical noises, whose constant elements are shaking high frequencies and a sort of flickering vibrations over elastic tremors of low frequencies, that resemble the trembling choruses of cicadas and all the stages of their life. A life that you could consider pretty strange, but smarter listeners will find some tragically surprising similarities with many human lives, heavily influenced by the unwritten laws of many industrial and post-industrial communities, or a remarkable parallelism with some political processes...