Friday, June 5, 2020
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Artist: Alessio Santini
Title: Kenter
Format: CD + Download
Label: Elli Records
Kenter is a four-track EP constructed solely from electric guitar and acoustic drums (and occasional vocals if we’re being pedantic), but processed filtered and post-produced extensively to fill it out into a rounded production of glitchy modern darkwave.

“Ffar” revolves around an ominous three-note theme that’s ‘bad guys slowly marching’ in film language, but second track “Sul Mae Nero” is more stripped back, with quieter drones, no central pattern, and this gives the glitchier sounds and atmosphere more room to breathe. The main distorted guitar re-appears with high shock value, with just an edge of gothic vocal that sounds like it happened to be recording in the room next door. Short third track “Sndaz Majorii” is equally open, but with whispered threats and more distortion to make something properly unsettling, before final track “Destroy Destroyers” is, despite its title, a lighter piece of soft pad-like guitar reverb tones and frenetic high-pitched drum glitching.

An impressive exercise in guitar processing and drum glitching, Kenter lives in very well-trodden dark and ominous territory but manages to forge its own unique tone nevertheless.