Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Dylan Houser: Thunk

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Artist: Dylan Houser (@)
Title: Thunk
Format: 3" MiniCD
Label: Inner Demons Records
Rated: *****
I was unfamiliar with Dylan Houser’s work, but he seems to hail from Lakeland Florida. This is another 3” CD from Inner Demons, which has been putting out some great stuff, so let’s see what this album has in store. We open with a ton of feedback that sounds like a circuit bent 8-bit video game gone amok. But this is not a complete wall of noise - there is a good use of space here, as the noise takes a moment to catch its breath which also allows the listener to come up for air. Clangs, rumbles, and staticy feedback permeate the composition. This is a chaotic mess, which is everything that noise should be. Would probably be great to see live. This disc weighs in at around 17 minutes and is limited to 42 copies.