Monday, September 28, 2020
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Mana: Creature

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Artist: Mana
Title: Creature
Format: 12"
Label: Hyperdub
Despite being described as an EP, Creature is an 8-track release, and Mana’s first release on Hyperdub is a quirky little bundle of atmospheric electronica with grand ambitions. Sharp-edged synth melodies jump and pitchshift over synthetic choral pads and sparse, crisp broken beats. Sporadic, subbass-laden kicks have hints of dubstep, but opened up into a more cinematic environment. Glitchier moments keep things on edge here and there.

Tracks like “Sei Nove” have a touch of the retro synthwave about them, and “Runningman” has a hint of old skool rave in its stabs. Longest piece “Rabbia” is a darker and more ambient journey through church-organ-esque tones juxtaposed against raw electronic pitched waves. Closing sketch “Consolations” gives the plucked synth tones a more Eastern quality. It all makes for a good collection of tunes that’s got consistent threads, yet variety.

Full of character but perhaps lacking a unique selling point, this is an interesting way for Mana to open up his Hyperdub account.


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