Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Artist: Crisopa
Title: Transhumante
Format: CD + Download
Label: Sound In Silence (@)
Transhumante is a short (7 track, 34 minute) bit of gentle electronica that’s correctly targeting an audience of fans of Boards Of Canada and especially Ulrich Schnauss. Simple bass notes and soft-and-steady beats with a faintly organic feel underpin warm pads and Rhodes-like chords which casually progress and meld into the atmosphere, with synthetic twiddles and bleeps tagging along for the ride.

There’s not a great deal of variation all things considered, with opening tracks “Bird Song Reincarnation” and “I Am The Lord Of These Ruins” built from a near-identical set of ingredients, with just the subtle hint of vocal in the latter to distinguish them. Despite the name, “Fast Dive” is almost equally languid, but just a little bit more bass-orientated. “Serene Option”, again somewhat ironically, is hardly any more serene than the tracks around it, apart perhaps from adopting slightly lighter key sounds.

“Melting Wax Sculptures” has a subtly higher energy but does drift dangerously close to sounding like a Coldplay ballad instrumental when it’s not being careful. After that we return to the first formula, with “Flourine Cold Frames” bringing quiet, Air-like vocal notes into an extremely Ulrich Schnauss-like soundscape. “Irradiating Nucleus”’s bass tone has just a dash of synthwave about it and provides a rich but uneventful wrap-up.

The limited edition CDR includes an eighth track, “Gran Panel”, which wasn’t included in the promo so I can’t comment on that. Given the consistency of the rest of the album I can be fairly confident about what it probably sounds like though…

Overall it’s a consistent and clear musical project with a warm, comforting and not especially distinctive sound. If you’re after music that grabs your attention, skip this one, but if you’re after something that will bolster your downtempo and chill out collection, this is worth a listen.


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