Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Artist: Oliver Yorke (@)
Title: Wanderer/Not Giving Up (ft.Silent Dust)
Format: 12"
Label: none60
Rated: *****
It's not the first time I introduce outputs by West-London based producer Oliver Yorke for Silent Dust's imprint none60: more or less one year ago, he signed a couple of good mid-tempo tracks ("Helion" and " Kali") by balancing digital clicks, well-forged patterns and trippy melodies. His "scientific" approach to the beat-making and the editing as well as the sonorities by which he stuffs his tracks could vaguely resemble Photek. The soft melodic dough that starts to rise at the beginning of "Wanderer" got absorbed by rhythmical lashes, mechanical gears, serpentine computational sequences and sonar-like whispers that were widely used by some 'nu jazzers' in the late 90ies (check "Moonbathing" by Amba as a possible term of comparison). Some connection with sonorities of that period of bass-driven music can be heard in "Not Giving Up", the collaborative track with Silent Dust, whose hyper-compressed snare hit was a recipe of many jungle tracks of that interesting age of music making, but the melodic stabs and some clutches in this tracks pushes it towards the stylistic territories of labels like Kode 9's Hyperdub.


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