Monday, June 1, 2020
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She Spread Sorrow: Mine

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Artist: She Spread Sorrow (@)
Title: Mine
Format: 12"
Label: Cold Spring (@)
Rated: *****
After the well received "Rumspringa", Alice Kundalini returns with a vinyl-only release on Cold Spring moving even further in her personal depiction of Power Electronics. This release is almost entirely center on her voice, so this could even be seen as a form of audio play as the sound part, even if harsh in some moments, has evidently the role of accompaniment.
Just after if seemed that she moved into quieter territories, the distorted voice of "Crushed On The Pillow" introduce the listener into a sort of theatrical spoken word upon small and sharp noises. However, the first part of "Lust" hints an attention towards the construction of an atmosphere while the crescendo of the loop explode into the noisy second part. The minimal sound palette of "On The Bank Of The River" closes the A side of this release underlining the histrionic quality of the voice.
The first part of "Mine" is carefully developed in the aim of creating the expectation of the explosion of the second part and "Straight Back" closes this release with a dialogue between the voice and the noises immersed in an oppressive silence.
Perhaps this release could be a little disappointing for the fans of the genre searching for a monolithic wall of sound, but this release shows how in a codified genre an artist can find a way of escaping its formal cages. A really nice release.