Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Artist: VROMB
Format: CD
Label: Pflichtkauf
Distributor: Pflichtkauf
Hugo Girard, the main human element behind the project Vromb, has had various delays and setbacks concerning the release of his latest full-length album. As his fans became more and more impatient, Hugo decided to release a 40 minute EP (of sorts) featuring 5 new pieces, exclusive to this release.

I was personally warned by Girard himself that the tracks contained in "Interlüder" featured some of his more commercially-viable/user-friendly material to date. Heeding the warning, I carefully immersed myself in another Vromb environment, quickly figuring out why Hugo labeled his own CD as "more commercial". It appears the ever-evolving Vromb has decided to try a crack at generic and club-oriented basic rhythm patterns. Has he succeeded? It all depends on the listener's point of view.

I can't speak for other Vromb fans, but the so-called "user-friendly" aspect of this release wasn't prominent through the dense and ever-shifting waves of electronic ambiences, sequences, and generally high-tech/low-brow to actually merit a specific labelling. Granted, folks who did not like Vromb's "shift" between his first and second albums will probably not be too impressed by "Interlüder", but if you enjoy the repetitive techno "thump" with your electro-insectoïdal drones, then you'll be in Vromb paradise with this release.

Seperated in two blocks, the five pieces of this CD are at times similar to each other (in terms of basic structuration) , yet retain enough unique originality to be easily identifyable between each other. A deffinite must for all Vromb fans, and highly recommended as a starting point if you are not yet familiar with the Vromb sound. My personnal highlight is the minimal "Carnaval", which reminds this reviewer of a distant and mechanical re-interpretation of the carnavals in Rio.


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