Sunday, May 16, 2021
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Title: Deception
Format: CD
Label: Accession
Distributor: Audioglobe
This is the strangest album recorded by Myer to date. At this point you re wondering why, well, it s simple to explain and you d realise it immediately by listening the opening track of DECEPTION. "American Dreaming", this is the title of the track, has got the usual atmospheres used by the man, but at a certain point there s an acoustic guitar and a clear voice that makes you think that something happened. In fact, even if that track is the only one with an acoustic instrument, the whole album has got a different taste from the previous releases which he released under the name of Cleen, Cleaner or Haujobb. The tracks are more dancey than before and generally you can listen a sort of techno influence on them. The result is not that bad, but sometimes it seems that Myer itself was not convinced by the result and it seems that his main target was to do something different to avoid to repeat himself. In this way seventy two minutes of minutes are too much to handle also because for tracks like "The Call", where his voice seems almost annoyed. This could be because the first songs has been recorded at one of his friend s bedroom and the whole album has been recorded when he was on vacation but some songs don t convince me completely. Good but not enough and it s terrible to listen to tracks like "Pillowtalk" because it seems something like a synthpop trick.


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