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E.B.M.usik - Electronic Body Music is not dead!!!: March 2008

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Magazine/Fanzine: E.B.M.usik - Electronic Body Music is not dead!!! (@)
Issue Date: March 2008
Format: Print (b/w)
Publisher: Daniel Cors (Last Technology) (@)
Rated: * * * * *
Out of curiosity I had to check our highly valuable search engine on here, when we had the last time a review on a magazine. Yep, you read it right, this one is a real magazine with an additional audio CDR, whose creator, Daniel Cors Alonso hails out of Burgos, Spain. It is high-glossy and printed in black/white in DIN A4 format, which sets the status above a usual fanzine. It concentrates with this first issue to introduce rather unknown acts out of the EBM/Dark Electro/Industrial genre through interview in Spanish (...which I am unfortunately unable to read...) and English language.
Best known acts presented in this issue are Germany’s AMNISTIA (recently out with second full-length album on Scanner, watch our interview with them on here...), STRAFTANZ (as Dependent stopped all business activities, they too switched to Scanner...), the Rupal Records-recording act LA MAGRA, the Belgium-based IC 434 (recently signed to Infacted Recordings...), the Spanish act GRADUAL HATE (debut album out on Hypervoxx) or the Swedish side-project of SEVERE ILLUSION, INSTANS (signed to Advoxya-Records). Other names some or another fan has maybe heard of, like both French acts REMAIN SILENT and ZAUBER or the US-based INDEX AI (right on, the follow-up project of Eric Chamberlain/INDEX, COP International...), while others are representing the newcomer section with NEOSTATE, BLACKCENTR, OSCURA or FILTHY DEFEX. So the musically content discovers rather EBM/Dark Electro music, which for the most part avoids the Hellectro genre. Quite interesting stuff to discover, since all web resources and links are included, for sure a good point. As a flaw I have to mention that the interview questions are a bit too much following the standard paths and here I don’t argue about the weakness of the English language of the author. This of course counts only for the English-written interviews, since all interviews in Spanish seem to offer more details.
Talking on the audio content of the CDR, it introduces the works of a long-out-of-business German EBM/Electro band named INTOXICATION. This trio has been active in the early 90ies and can look back on a 14 track-tape named "Braindamage", as well as a self-produced MCD "From The Source". This German band can be musically sorted into a mixture of old LEAETHERSTRIP combined with THE PSYCHIC FORCE to get a possible hint for a comparison. Since also this special band introduction is written in Spanish, I rather have to check back my own collection and knowledge on them, since I own both their releases. This attached CDR has received the title "Dahmer Syndrom", but I am quite unsure, if this are seriously unreleased recordings, since I discovered several tracks taken in the same version from the INTOXICATION tape "Brain Damage", only sorted with a new track list (strange to see that the editors have avoided to include a track list of the audio material... this rather confirms my suspicion, that no one in the scene shall recognize that this is the same recording of a long-out-of-print and 17-years old audio tape simply copied on CDR. The number of the track (14) and the "real underground" sound quality speak for a 1:1 copy process of tape to PC...) . I also don’t know if the copyright situation of this action is permitted, but however, it’s a quite useful initiative to introduce a totally underrated act to the Hellectro-influenced kiddies of the present.
Maybe every single word of criticism is a totally fail, because what this magazine needs the most is neverending SUPPORT!!! Support for the courageous idea to publish a print-magazine in a time where online communities grow extraordinary and receive uncontrollable influence. I hope that Daniel will find the muse, ideas, help and financial support to continue with his vision of a print-magazine, which doesn’t need to snuggle with some Goth-/Metal-/Alternative-bullshit-acts to receive attention and needed bucks to pay the print offices. Good luck to Daniel and his team for this – I’ll guess you’ll need it!


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