Thursday, March 4, 2021
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The Soil Bleeds Black: Quintessence

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Artist: The Soil Bleeds Black (@)
Title: Quintessence
Format: CD
Label: World Serpent (@)
Distributor: World Serpent
When you get something from the British consortium World Serpent you know what to expect, and expectations were met when I started spinning the fifth The Soil Bleeds Black album. Its name, "Quintessence", refers to the elements of earthe, air, fyre, water and essence, considered to be magical in medieval Europe. The five tracks (named after the five elements) present a band that has evolved from 1992 to these days, going from a synth-based trio trying to emulate antique sounds to a capable set of musicians who use different (male & female) chants and voices alongside with naturally sounding traditional instruments such as flutes, various types of percussions, and obviously acoustic guitars, which still give it that classical World Serpent apocalyptic folk vibe that we're used to. So there you have it, a mixture of medieval folk and pagan goth atmospheres, lush melancholy and decadent harmonies soaked in a noir beauty.


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