Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Glis: Extract (promo)

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Artist: Glis (@)
Title: Extract (promo)
Format: CD
Label: ADSR Musicwerks (@)
We received a four track advance promo as a preview of what american m/f duo Glis' next release "Extract" is going to sound like. The finished album will have nine tracks and will be released by Noxious Emotions' label ADSR (great band by the way, we haven't heard from them in a while!). If you're into old-style ebm with dance beatz this could be for you. A mixture of old-fashioned male treated vocals (and some occasional non-heavily treated melodic female vocal lines) that easily remind of the mittle-european school, synth lines and drum machine work that really brought me back, some spoken samples from movies and a more dancey approach to selection of keyboard sounds and beat peace... All in all, this could very well be a german product from the eighties, but probably has a better production and would be easier to find in a Dj's collection, even today. Danceable EBM for nostalgic but moving masses!


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