Saturday, July 24, 2021
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Kirlian Camera: Absentee

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Artist: Kirlian Camera (@)
Title: Absentee
Format: CD EP
Label: Radio Luxor, January Zero Productions, E.N.D.E. (@)
The Kirlian Camera collective seems to be expanding well beyond the original nucleus of founding members Angelo Bergamini and Emilia Lo Jacono as a new important role seems to be covered by female singer and keyboardist Elena Fossi and other collaborations include Simon Balestrazzi, Gianluca Becuzzi (formerly with Limbo), Andrea Savelli and Paolo Varola (besides their long time engineer and friend Ivano Bizzi - whose efforts are now shared by Angelo himself). Their long existence doesn't seem to represent any obstacle at all when it comes to create new material and the new dancefloor-proof version of "Blue Room" (a song originally from the mid-eighties). New songs such as "Still Air" seem too to be using a lot more of the pounding beats that the body language folks love, but the martial treated vocals, the punching analog synths, the dominating electronics and the overall feel of increasing paranoia and suffocating claustrophobia is awesome. There's also room for breath ("Stele") or slow minimal but huge atmospheres ("Denied Sky", whose beginning beat made me think of Pink Floyd) or even totally beat-less songs ("Paan NB"). The kings of Italy's best martial industrial electronics returned, and I am so god damn happy about that ;-)


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