Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Title: Home
Format: CD
Label: Trisol (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Persephone for the ancient Greek's mythology was the death's goddess but in our case is the Lame Immortelle's Sonja Kraushofer side project. Aided by Martin Höfert (cello; live appearances with Janus and L'âme Immortelle), Tobias Hahn (piano; music, arrangements, producing, programming; Janus), Dirk "RIG" Riegert (music, lyrics, arrangements; Janus), Wim Leydes (guitars; ex-Christian Death) to name few, Sonja creates something totally different compared to his main band's music, playing dark and melancholic acoustic ballads (which have, sometimes, some rare rhythmical distorted samples and electric guitar inserts, also). Of the twelve songs I prefer the first one "My Prayer", "Immersion", "Reflection" (which remember me the French "chansonnier" atmospheres), the main track "Home" and the final "Coming Home" which are someway personal and intense. The other seven tracks, in my opinon, tend to lose themselves into the forced research of a sad atmosphere instead of concentrating into the melodic structure and the vocal performance. This album could be paragoned to some Marc Almond ones (like "Jaques") but I'm sorry to say that Sonja fails into creating the atmospheres Marc is able to give to his performance. "Home" is not that bad but it hasn't exploited all its potential.


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