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Darklife: August 2005

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Magazine/Fanzine: Darklife (@)
Issue Date: August 2005
Format: Print (b/w)
Publisher: Under My Skin / Interstice
Rated: * * * * *
Darklife is one of Europe's longest running fanzines and although it takes them a while to put their issues together (but as an ex-paper publisher I know what that's like and fully sympathize with them) they always do so with quality over quantity in mind... Issue X comes 8 years after their first issue and comes to you in the form of a professionally printed A5 glossy-paper b/w fanzine with (and this is news!) an enclosed CD compilation (which is something these guys have always wanted to do, and again, having released a few of them myselft, with the paper version of Chain D.L.K., I perfectly understand why it wasn't easy to do so), released in collaboration with this new Geneva-based association called Interstice, founded to promote "dark" music and lifestyle. In other words Darklife seems to have new life juice in it, we'll see how that plays out in the future and if there is going to be an issue XI. Their site says that they don't know yet and that they definitely can use help, so if you feel inspired, contact them and see what you can do for Darklife. For now, be content with a great fully packed issue featuring interviews with The Legendary Pink Dots, Venus Fly Trap, Skeletal Family, Mila Mar, Nebelhexe, Jack Or Jive, Irfan, Siderartica, The Last Dance, Flintology, Inertia, Ain Soph, Inner Glory, Scream Silence, the Belgian-American music-activists The Weathermen, KK Null, an interview with Prikosnovenie records founder, specials on Hermann Hendrich and on the indie market in Russia, concert reviews and of course tons of news and music reviews also. The CD features The Weathermen vs WRLC, Neon Electronics, BAK XIII, Grand Chaos, Herr Liebe, Mimetic Fake, Moulinet, S-tanTale, Flintology, Macadam Pale Horses, Armode vs Mark Pistel, Zodiac Project vs Opak, Floating Mind, Melodie, Diffuse, Music for the Space, KK Null and Zeni Geva (mostly Swiss artists, which is great and true to the purposes of Interstice; but also some Belgian, French, Japanese and American).
Support these guys as much as you can and get your copy of Darklife X - I am confused now: is this Darklife Panther or Darklife Tiger?


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