Friday, June 18, 2021
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Monolith: Labyrinth

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Artist: Monolith
Title: Labyrinth
Format: CD
Label: Daft (@)
Absolute Body Control, The Klinik, Insekt, Sonar and Monolith are all projects either formed by or joined by Eric van Wonterghem, long time partner of Dirk "Dive" Ivens and mastering engineer of many Ant-Zen, Daft, Discordia and KK records. Four releases between 1997 and this one (released October 2001). Eric's impressive resume is as impressive and busy as his music, a machine-based, hard-beat-driven, trance-sucking, industrial techno experience that concert goers won't forget, especially when coupled with his self-made images flashing the crowd from the videoscreen. As an example of what this could sound like, think about it as a possibly less furious Dive playing in Detroit while thinking about the most acid Richard James tunes and humming a Jeff Mills. The harsh beatz and the throbbing pulse and the acid rave mood are the keys here.


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