Thursday, April 15, 2021
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VLE: Book Of Illusions I & II

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Artist: VLE (@)
Title: Book Of Illusions I & II
Format: CD
Label: Self Released
Well, it's difficult to put these two CDs under a category, because I really should put them under ambient experimental and under industrial metal because of the kinda metal songs like "Freedom To Fly" (which remember some solutions used by our old friend Paul Chain) or "Timeless". Fortunately the work of the one man band that hides behid the name of VLE is more multifaceted that a mere classification. Tracks like "3 in 5" or "Stark" of the first Chapter of the BOOK OF ILLUSIONS and the other nine new tracks of the second Chapter (nine because the first one is, as on the first part, "Kano") are intimate composition with classical instrument sounds along with synth pads. The atmospheres create on both the kind of tracks (metal and dark ambient) is intriguing and even if sometimes the drum seems to miss a beat VLE is capable of catch the attention with a good work permeated of mistery and mysticism. At his website you can listen to his work: try it!


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