Thursday, April 15, 2021
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LILAC AMBUSH: Breathe Deep E.P.

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Artist: LILAC AMBUSH (@)
Title: Breathe Deep E.P.
Format: CD
Label: Twisted Spinach
Lilac Ambush is the name of this duo coming from Gluchester, Massachusett. Their second E.P. titled BREATHE DEEP contains four good dark pop (they name their music that way) songs and two radio edit versions of the first two "Breathe Deep" and "One Good Reason". Even if their music is dark new wave they did a good thing by renaming it "dark pop". This because their songs have good really enjoyable melodies and sounds: "One Reason", above all, is the one I prefer even each songs' refrain has got something that makes you remember it. Lilac Ambush is a good band for sure and one that is better of the tons of goth clones that unfortunately don't even try to make their own music! Hey, you can get their CDs for 5 bucks, contact them...


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