Monday, June 21, 2021
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The Young Gods: Second Nature

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Artist: The Young Gods (@)
Title: Second Nature
Format: CD
Label: IntoXygene (@)
Distributor: IntoXygene
It's been out for a while but I just bought it couple of days ago myself. I have been following them since their early days, as they were one of my favorite bands, we came from the same country, my estimated friend Roli was their producer for years and they got their great "Only Heaven" album done at my dear pal Lou Holtzman's East Side Sounds Studios in New York, where I have worked for a long time too: it's the latest Young Gods work of love, ladies and gentlemen, their first album that isn't actually produced by capable mastermind Mr. Mosimann. Universally recognizable singer Franz Treichler took over the entire production and made it into an all-Swiss project that introduces you to a changed version of the Young Gods, where the great in-the-pocket drumming and the mysterious and poetic multi-language minimal singing and the awesome sound manipulation and music programming remain the main focus but became the mean for an evolution that has reached a new stand point. The result is not bad at all. The sound is different from previous albums. It further developed into a more alienating experience, driven by harsher sounds, more industrial and less (traditional) electronic feel, and the overall sound has drifted to less rocky shores. I wouldn't wanna throw in names at random as the Young Gods really are one of the few bands that have been well able to preserve a very very own and truly unique sound, but I can't deny that comparisons such as Dive, Aphex Twin and Kraftwerk were occasionally suggested by a couple of tunes in my mind... I don't mean to throw you off though: definitely less noisy than Dirk Iven's bursts, only close to Richard James' more distorted experiments, and much more modern and powerful than the three older german dude's sound; this is something that you have to experience by yourself, in its entire and all new complexity and its overall renewed shape. The beauty of it all is probably in the contrast of Franz's harmonious poems (even more when they are in french), clashing with the rawness of some spiking sounds and the from-pulsating-to-hammering body of the compositions. The CD opens with "Lucidogen" and "Supersonic", maybe the most aggressive tunes (like in the old days of "Kissing the Sun" or "Skinflowers"), while the rest is changing more and more from what we used to know and is taking a new course. Maybe it is a transition, maybe it is a new stop, but it definitely is very interesting and sounds damn cool, so get your hands on a copy of "Second Nature" (minimal but awesome looking packaging, with no booklet and a front cover consisting of a colored transparent film) or look it up on the internet, where the three Swiss pioneers set up an awesome flash website where you can listen to some tracks and do other interesting explorations. Keep rocking the free sampling memory!!!


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