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Darklife #9: May 2004

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Magazine/Fanzine: Darklife #9 (@)
Issue Date: May 2004
Format: Print (b/w)
Rated: * * * * *
Pretty much left on his own, the untiring young noman that goes by the nickname of Gianfri, has managed, between moving from Switzerland to Berling and all the other every day shit of life, to put out a new exciting issue of Darklife 'zine with little or no help (it's sad to see how little help deserving fellow publishers/writers like Gianfranco Sciacca get). This nineth A5-sized professionally printed issue comes on heavy and shiny glossy paper and features interviews with Das Praeparat, Scream Silence, Matt Howden (of Sieben and Sol Invictus fame), Spiritual Front, F242, Bak XIII, Francesco Banchini's G.O.R. and Louisa John Krol and Keltia (three pagan/celtic/mediterranean/world music artists that have been touring together), Y-Luk-O, Collection D'Arnell-Andrea, Lady Morphia, Ex-Nihilo, Alien Sex Fiend, EXPERIMENT NnORD, The Soil Bleeds Black, Libitina, Synthetic. What I like about these interviews is that they have been done on location, after/before the artist's shows, by people who attend and support these shows (again, mostly Gianfri). You can feel the vibe and the excitment, coming from the presence at the gig, and of course the interviews benefit from that beause they are direct and develop like a dialogue. Of course the same concert-goers also wrote many reviews of live shows all around Germany/Belgium/Switzerland/Scandinavia, including reviews of festivals, reviews of the shows by the interviewed bands and of other band's live sets, such as Death In June, Anne Clark, The Mission etc. The 66 pages also make room for a russian dark scene report, a dark fashion special, the Swiss Underground column (these last two resumed in place of the suppressed Fanzine Focus column). And abviously reviews of CDs, compilations, fanzines and lots of news take up about a third of the 'zine's contents. Darklife is a great publication, and I say that because I have published Chain D.L.K. on paper for 8 years and I know how hard and expensive it is to do something like that. There might be some big changes/news/improvements in the air, hopefully Gianfri will keep us posted...


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