Friday, July 23, 2021
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Murcof: The Alias Sessions

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Artist: Murcof (@)
Title: The Alias Sessions
Format: CDx2 (double CD)
Label: The Leaf Label
Rated: * * * * *
What goes around comes around, so Tony Morley, head of the appreciated Leaf label, could have exclaimed when the orbit of the wondrous Mexican electronic music composer and performer Fernando Corona, commonly known as Murcof, crossed the one of the label, that launched his awesome sound art in 2002 by "Martes", that masterpiece that also gave certain visibility to the so-called Nortec Collective and the vibrant scene of Tijuana. The last spotting in my headphones was on the occasion of a collaborative release ("Being Human Being") with the French trumpet player Erik Truffaz, that came some years after "The Versailles Session", his latest on Leaf in 2008. Thirteen years after that output, he comes back with this new album, that like the previous one, was born under commission. Even if the commission came from the same company, the Swiss performing company Alias, masterfully directed by the Brasilian choreographer Guilherme Botelho, the two halves of the session can be somehow considered two different albums, as they refer to two different projects. The first cd comes from an adaptation of the music for "Contre-Mondes" (2017), while the second includes music made for "Normal" (2018), but besides this publishing detachment, the sound appears pretty unified and somehow consistent with the distinguishing marks of Murcof's sound: rhythmical patterns in between ambient-dub, minimal techno and IDM, a constant drifting over stylistic territories of avant-garde jazz, drone music, ambient, ethnic, glitch electronics, atonal percussive music, Berlin sound and classical music (with many hints to baroque style), where an approach that could be shallowly labelled as 'minimal' manages to condense many emotions, where almost maniacally aesthetic research can join and inspire the highest intellectual upheavals, including the current questioning, the general restlessness and the urgent anxieties as well as the spread feeling of existential stifling, that maybe makes this release even more dramatically timely. All those who already know will soon understand that these sessions are maybe the best and highly inspiring collection that the Mexican artist ever made.



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