Thursday, July 22, 2021
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Voyager: Shields Down

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Artist: Voyager
Title: Shields Down
Format: 12"
Label: Tempo Records (@)
Considering the references to space journey, satellites, and the guessed image of Jupiter, that according to some eschatological visions is the planet where the souls of philosophers and thinkers migrate after a life on Earth (if not a hidden tribute to the glorious and versatile synth series by Roland, that were used - particularly Jupiter 6 and 8 - by drum and bass producers as well), I'd like to think that this nice output on the Dutch label Tempo Records intercepted transmissions that reached some lucky zone of the outer space 25-30 light-years away from here, but if you check who's hiding behind the moniker Voyager, you can surmise that those same sounds were spread some Earth years ago and maybe reshuffled more recently by the same author/interceptor. Pete Parsons signed many great tunes, belonging to the so-called old skool of drum and bass in the early 90ies, and his tunes reached truly iconic dnb labels such as the glorious Good Looking by LTJ Bukem. All those listeners, who enjoyed that promising stage of electronic music and those awesome years of that scene, will be really delighted and I won't wonder if this delight will run together a fit of nostalgia while listening to the romantically beautified amen break that Pete assembled on "Shields Down" and "Enso" - with those emotional "traditional" refills, stressed by super-low bass punches -, as well as by the dubby tune of "Still Waters", going back to the primordial forms of sweetened dub that artists like Dj Krush, Robin "Big Bud" O'Reilly, The Amalgamation Of Soundz, Makoto Shimizo and many more that Pete surely met during his sonic journeys. A nice "once upon a time" sonic pearl drop! While I'm writing just 6 of the 100 copies of the picture disc are available, but the label highlights that if you're reaching a higher quality the classical black vinyl (500 copies should be printed) is recommended.



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