Tuesday, July 20, 2021
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Runi Graph: For I Know That The View Of A Tree Is Not Subjective

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Artist: Runi Graph
Title: For I Know That The View Of A Tree Is Not Subjective
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Mahorka

4 tribal, percussion and drum fixated pieces from Mike Blackbeat, a drummer who's working with experimental sounds and musicians since a few years. He's also part of the duo HAU (Human Restlessness and Oppression).
Besides the first piece "I Sit Here, Watching..." which sort of explains the EP's title with lyrics added in a distant voice all tracks are purely based on drums and percussion and surprisingly for a mere experimental release groovey in a tribal way. This reminds me somewhat of MC 900 Ft.'s "Dancing Barefoot" which is of course something different. "The Stream Of Your Hunger" is a bit undecided and might have gained from additional input but tracks 3 & 4 which are explicit mastered finish the EP on a high. Not sure if I'd make it through an whole album though but this is a different form of minimal which is well worth a listening.
A brave EP issued by the long running Bulgarian Netlabel Mahorka which is definitively worth a deeper investigation. And btw: it's issued as 'Pay What You Want' like many of their releases so nothing should stop you to give it a try.



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