Friday, May 14, 2021
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Pawel Pruski: Between

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Artist: Pawel Pruski (@)
Title: Between
Format: CD
Label: KrysaliSound (@)
What makes this output by Polish music producer Pawel Pruski so conceptually interesting is maybe its substantial lack of a conceptual framework, that sounds like an invitation to focus on the beauty of sound, described by inheriting the spiritualist suggestion on how to live any moment and what is considered as present. Linear notes by the label clarifies the meaning of the title, as follows: "it is interesting to look for what lies between the words, between the moments, between the first and the next particle of sound", music structure is "no longer linear and the whole thing is freezing over time. There is no earlier and no later, there is no history and no future, there is no cause and effect. There is only a single moment 'in between'. We don't need any kind of language or descriptions". Pawel decides to sow his music into this fertile interstitial metaphysical ground by interesting interbreeding of masterfully grabbed field recordings, overstretched looping harmonies and ambient effluxes, whose function seems not to be the one to slow time down, but rather to distend the time axis in order to let the listener access to an insight of what he meant by the idea of 'between'. In tracks like "In The Evening" or "Moor", the motion of tones itself sounds mired in this sort of inertial friction that seems to retain everything until the last track "I will come tomorrow although I don't know the time", where the template of a brittle piano melody sounds more discernable.



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