Monday, January 18, 2021
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0x0: Nastrophy

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Artist: 0x0
Title: Nastrophy
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: HUM_an

Zero X Zero is a new project by Antonio Caputo and Marco Milanesio exploring dub industrial with partly added classical structures. Field Recordings are as important as Harmonica, Guitar, Cello, Bass and Synth.
The 4 tracks recorded at home and O.F.F. Studio, Torino during 2019/20 are an serious attempt at fragmented melancholy. Dissected sounds lead to more desolation instead more clearity and melancholy is reflecting itself with an uneasy feeling. The track titles do not give away much either and listening is a surprise.

In "Surgkung" a guitar entering the noisy arena dominates for a little while before getting lost in synthetic ramblings which could go on forever but don't. A straight, dubby beat opens "6602" which is set against a freestyle sound scenario where cello and guitar meet before they get lost again as the beat did.
The title track is the most challenging; an uneasy shade of oriental blues meets a heavy, drunken beat and analouge space sounds aid the impression of altered reality short before collapse.
The final track "6601" is especially impressive; post-hope, post-everything, post-darkness. A longish mainly accoustic intro leads seemlessly into a drone part morphing back again and concluding with a perfect mix of all parts.

In a way Naostrophy is a continuation of the DsorDNE/Onda Lunga release 'Inside' from March 2020 - but less ambient and more organic. For fearless souls only.

A pdf photo booklet is included.



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