Monday, January 18, 2021
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Magic Bullet: Digitalis

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Artist: Magic Bullet
Title: Digitalis
Format: CD + Download
Label: Music & Elsewhere (@)

After getting sidetracked several times Magic Bullet's regular debut Digitalis appeared in late October finally. Not sure what the cover is really about but I guess it hints at psychotropica and a second attempt, but enough guessing here.
Also some of former releases, especially the one hour one track album Solidarietas - gave serious hints this will be really going a road far away from Mick Magic's former band Magic Moments At Twilight Time. No Singer, No Vocals, No Lyrics, No Guitars. "No musical instruments where harmed in the making of this album" can be read in the liner notes.
What is present here begins with an electropunk flair, relentless mid-tempo industrial funk which may be brewed in the same cauldron as 'Drinking Gasoline', leading through the first tracks. Monotounos repetive beats shine through "Single Dimutive Impression" paired with slow drifting sequences echoing through the empty halls of decayed industrial buildings.
With "Chaotic Vector Correction" the intensity reaches back to more raw early experimental electronic before the longish center piece "Sky Dark Shadow" dives into analogue stone age dada chirpings where it captures the listener.
Back in the real World the final trilogy of "In Bitter Repentance", "I Find It Cathartic" and "Crowd Closed Door" rekindles the spirit of the first tracks from a different perspective. A Reflection of the worlds yesterdays and today's electro underground at once. Mankind caught in loops paired with urgent sequences and distorted beats.
Echoes of man in the digital age and heading into an uncertain future; "Where we all going nobody knows, this is the world today" comes to mind. Love And Rockets. No. Temptations. No. This is the other face of space age rock, in a time where no more crowd pleasing is needed.

A limited careful handmade CDR version is also available.



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