Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Droughtwerk: Glare EP

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Artist: Droughtwerk
Title: Glare EP
Format: 12" + Download
Label: self-released
“Glare” is a four-pack of thick techno with singular purpose. It’s dominated by heavy kick drums that are four-to-the-floor with bells on, that open both the title track and “Disintegrate”, before other acid and harsh-cut electronic loops gradually fade in, and then slowly out, keeping everything firmly flat and direct. Alarm-like tuned top end tones add to the sense of urgency. The occasional eight-bar drop-out of certain elements is the closest skirting with drama in an otherwise unbreakable wall of sonic attack.

A more rubbery kick in “Vivid” gives it just a hint of happy hardcore flavour initially, but there’s no sense of fun or novelty here, and the tone of “Somber” is so consistent that on my first listen I didn’t even notice that we’d switched tracks.

I’d say it’s actually rare to hear a release that’s quite as direct as this one, both in terms of its sonics and also its determination that it has struck on a simple and successful formula and it intends to stick to it. It’s techno with a lot of front and it doesn’t try to be clever.


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