Sunday, May 16, 2021
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Margaret Starbird: The Woman With the Alabaster Jar

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Author: Margaret Starbird
Title: The Woman With the Alabaster Jar
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Bear & Co.
Rated: * * * * *

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Interestingly enough the author set out initially to disprove the theory that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. What she found was a very long trail of clues which lead her to conclude many details of a medieval "heresy" based on the ancient Sacred Marriage Rites. From the anointing of Jesus with oil through the middle ages she traces the Sangraal Legend and it's relation to the Black Goddess/Madonna also known as the Hebrew Matronit/Shekinah and further correlations with Isis and Inanna. What I found most intriguing, like many other synchronicities on my personal path, is that this book ties in many aspects of personal research for me that I had been holding as several loose ends which I knew were somehow connected but was uncertain of. She very smoothly completed this picture for me as I had not looked at this possibility at all. However, while she gives great reasons and several likely "proofs" throughout history's art and literature to support the theory they initially intended to discredit, she also states most accurately that whether this be true or not is not what is important but what it represents. This important representation is the lack of the Divine Feminine in modern Christianity with it's wild patriarchal rule and how it must eventually be balanced with a healthy respect for the feminine. THIS is what got me started on my personal path in the first place and this book is a great starting and return point for anyone seeking more than what they have found in modern "religion".


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