Sunday, May 16, 2021
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Laurence Gardner: Genesis of the Grail Kings

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Author: Laurence Gardner
Title: Genesis of the Grail Kings
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
Rated: * * * * *

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"Laurence Gardner is an internationally renowned sovereign genealogist and historical lecturer, Chancellor of the Imperial Dragon Sovereignty, Prior of the Sacred Kindred of Columba, Preceptor of the Knights Templar of St. Anthony, and a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. He lives in the United Kingdom." While this was a most interesting read and one that will be of high interest to anyone curious about the Dragon bloodline or the Graal Legends there are too many aspects in which Garnder seems to fall short on proof. The first half of the book is excellent and practically coincides with all the personal research I myself have done regarding these topics and the many sources I have found my answers in. However, the wisdom from the more metaphysical and mystical schools of thought seem to not be fully accurately portrayed here. However, much is always left to interpretation on such things. Personally I found all the information very interesting and inticing, especially the possibility that Ahkenaten may be the biblical Moses. I've questioned this myself. However, his theories on Alchemical Gold being monotamic and the "bloodline" rituals of Starfire seem to be concocted or at least incomplete. The second half of the book seemed to be, in my personal opinion, likely a bit contrived toward his personal goals for organizations he belongs to and the research seemed to be less solid. However, then again that aspect gets into less trod territory and thus there is less information for comparison. I will however say that his views on the Dragon bloodline seem to be in direct opposition to Ike's as he does not portray the Dragons as the "evil conspirators" but the side of the "right". I do think that the books holds some very interesting contents for anyone interested in any of the associated topics as all perspectives should be reviewed. Personally I think the emphasis on the actual bloodline less important than what it represents to mankind as a whole. However, I continue to be intrigued by Gardner's works and will be apt to purchase and devour more books by him in the future.


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