Sunday, May 16, 2021
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Zecharia Sitchin: The 12th Planet

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Author: Zecharia Sitchin
Title: The 12th Planet
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Avon Books
Rated: * * * * *

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Last year I was exposed to the theories of Sitchin and with very little research it was fairly obvious that he is much hated in the archeological community. I basically read this book out of an extreme sense of curiosity and the SubGenius in me desired a good laugh. Well, the more I read this book the more it became obvious why so many New Agers are into this. If you follow his logic (meaning you don't have the common sense to check up on what you read when someone tells you it's true - you just believe them) then you will definitely be duped by this book and others by him. He uses slight twists of terminology and sources that are often unverifiable to 'fill in the blanks' that history has left us. For instance he claims that the asteroid belt in our solar system was created by a collision of a distant planet that collided with Tiamat (the planetary representation of the ancient Sumerian diety). Tiamat thus broken down by this 12th planet's moons created present day earth - seeded by the life on the 12th planet. Sound far fetched? How do you explain that some of the asteroids in the belt go clockwise while others go counterclockwise unless a planet orbiting opposite our solar system's planets collided and created it. While it makes sense on the most basic levels I'd love to hear what astronomers think of it. I'm not writing to disprove him and I will make no attempt to but read it yourself and you'll see that while this book is VERY entertaining (I read it in a few short days) many of his conclusions are wildly drawn and you may often ask yourself how he got from point A to point C as he clearly skipped something that would be point B. Such as his claim for why the rocket pilots were called Eagle Men and were dipicted with eagle feathers. "The Eagle has landed." is his claim. While we all know the eagles on modern American astronauts shoulders of their suits and the reference is clearly to National symbology and would have absolutely no meaning to ancient Sumeria nor the Nubiruans. Regardless of how adept Sitchin is or is not at translating Sumerian text some of his arguements land on your psyche like 'if that were true it would figure'! However, while many claim that even if 50% of his writings are untrue it's still worth taking note of. Well, even if none of it is true it makes a more interesting science-fiction than even Stargate and if any of it is true then we better be prepared for the 12th planets return and the chaos it will wreak on our world. Either way it's a great read!


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