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Demetra George: Mysteries of the Dark Moon

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Author: Demetra George
Title: Mysteries of the Dark Moon
Format: Paperback
Publisher: HarperSanFrancisco
Rated: * * * * *

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The Dark Moon, in relation to the Cycle of Life (birth, life, death, rebirth) is that period between death and rebirth. This book is divided into three main sections; Revisioning the Dark, Goddesses of the Dark Moon, & Rites of Rebirth. In the first section the Dark Moon is explained in relation to the phases of the moon and it's symbolic representations in our lives. This may be a transitional stage in your life or it may simply be a 'trying' time in your life. Either way it is the mark of a significant stage in your growth of some sort. Next we discuss the Dark Goddess and the mythic representations. To understand this section there is much said about the Triple Goddess as this is very relevant to this aspect. A strong aspect of this is our fear of death and how this affects our psyche. When we have reached the topic of Healing The Dark we are to learn how we can use these occurances and experiences in our lives to benefit our personal growth. "The images of the Dark Goddess and her associations with the dark moon teachings that exist within the collective unconscious also exist within the personal unconscious of each of us." From the start of the reading you will very soon realize that the subject matter, though psychological, requires the use of mythic imagery to explain in detail the point at hand. "The mystery of the Dark Moon Goddess is that death and birth are the twin faces of her cosmic orgasm with the Sun God each month at the new moon conjunction. Fulfilled in love, she then circles, ever turning around the earth, and sends forth a shower of blessings with the knowledge that there is no annihilation." An interesting section is the Lunar Her/Story of the Feminine. This examines history and various religious/mythic structures throughout and how civilizations viewed the divine. It displays a birth, death and rebirth of feminine theology as well. This, of course eventually takes you into mention of the current "Age of Aquarious" which many have predicted in which we currently live. From here it discusses the rebirth of Goddess Spirituality. The second section on the Goddesses first discusses the guardians of the unconscious. For it is these Dark Goddesses which are the archetypes for our unsconscious minds. To understand them is to better understand the inner workings of our own minds and spirits. There is a focus here on Nyx, Medusa and Lilith. In the Rites of Rebirth we are shown how renewal and rebirth can occur. There is much mention here regarding menstrual cycles which may turn some men off but for anyone interested in the divine feminine this analogy is synonymous with these cycles. These cycles are discusses from the feminine perspective and introduce us to the Blood Mysteries and bring us through life to menopause. Keep in mind that these are symbolic and used with mythic symbology as well. We are then taken into the rites of initiation, something sorely missing from modern culture, and how this was used to bring individuals through various stages. Symbolically you will see the journey to the underworld by goddesses like Persephone and Inanna to be key in initiation ritual. Finally we reach the Healing Power of the Lunar Darkness. This is the process of transformation. Personally I found much of the general psychology in the book very closely related to those I had personally experienced in the late 1980's when I was fully in my Gothic stage of growth. For these Dark Mysteries are truly something that we should all learn from. It would also help us all to view the world and our existence in it in a new and wondrous light. If you are wanting to conquer your own fears, whether they be of death or other things, this is a good book to read to aide you in your search and to guide you to the release of unfounded fears.


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