In this episode, the kinetic segment was shortened to accommodate a profile on Jason van Wyk, a Capetown, South Africa-based trance and techno producer who transitioned to making ambient and music for films as well as commercial work. Jason van Wyk narrates on ‘breaking in’ the music industry, work flows and habits, and musical transitions.

FM Episode 002, “…and the morning lasted all day.” + Jason van Wyk profile


Track: “Metronomik”
Artist: Louis Haiman
Album: The Metronomik
Label: Stasis Recordings
Catalog: SRWAX 08

Track: “Lxve”
Artist: Nyctophiliac
Album: Jazz It Up
Label: Dusted Wax Kingdom
Catalog: DWK 384

Dusted Wax Kingdom repo:

Track: “Existence”
Artist: Dark Subtemper
Album: Acid Life
Label: Murmure Intemporel
Catalog: MI330-Dark_Subtemper-Acid_Life


Track: “Subterrania”
Artist: Stephen Bacchus
Album: Ambient Origins: Stephen Bacchus, Collected Early Works 1983-1987 (The Time Capsule Series)
Label: Mirage
Catalog: MIR-305
Year: 1998

Jason van Wyk profile

Track: “Retention”
Artist: Jason van Wyk
Album: Threads
Label: N5MD
Catalog: MD291

Track: “Safe (Original Mix)”
Artist: JPL & Jason van Wyk with Cat Martin
Album: Safe
Label: Black Hole Recordings
Catalog: BLACK HOLE 485

Track: “Sun Rising”
Artist: Jason van Wyk, Stephen J. Kroos & JPL
Album: Sun Rising
Label: Pure Trance Progressive
Catalog: PTP005

Track: “Awoken”
Artist: Jason van Wyk
Album: Days You Remember
Label: White Notebook
Catalog: WN001

Track: “Stay”
Artist: Jason van Wyk
Album: Attachment
Label: Home Normal
Catalog: HN088

Track: “Shimmer”
Artist: Jason van Wyk
Album: Opacity
Label: Home Normal
Catalog: HN089

Track: “Is that all you got”, “Triggered”
Artist: Jason van Wyk & Andries Smit
Album: Triggered (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Label: Pressure Cooker Music
Catalog: n/a

Track: “Unsteady (original mix)”
Artist: JPL, Jason van Wyk & Cat Martin
Album: Unsteady
Label: Black Hole Recordings
Catalog: BTS-017

Track: “Near Dark”
Artist: Jason Van Wyk
Album: Threads
Label: N5MD
Catalog: MD291

Threads review

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