Listen to Feedback Monitor, the new Chain D.L.K. radio show hosted by Ibrahim Khider.

Debut episode of Feedback Monitor on Chain D.L.K. with the first half of the episode covering kinetic/rhythmic music, then a dash of retro, and then dive into atmospherics. Host Ibrahim Khider curates and narrates the tour.

Track: “Conditions”
Artist: Kanz
Album: Remind Me Tomorrow
Label: Mahorka
Catalog: mhrk272

Track: Uwavesqr
Artist: Jakob Thiesen
Album: Polikrom
Label: n/a
Catalog: n/a
Link to music video:

Track: “Errors of Conclusion”
Artist: Tangent
Album: Evolutionary Cycles
Label: N5MD
Catalog: MD290

Track: “Surface”
Artist: Eko Fisk
Album: Atoll
Label: Silent Flow
Catalog: SLNT127

Track: “Coming For You”
Artist: Mos Emvy
Album: Faded
Label: Bloc Sonic
Catalog: BS450058


Track: “Dahlia”
Artist: Human Mesh Dance
Album: Hyaline
Label: Instinct Records
Catalog: EX-261-2
Year: 1993

Atmospheric segment

Track: “Diving into the Stars”
Artist: Midnat
Album: Small Things In Life
Label: Stasis
Catalog: SRCD 07

Track: “Le Vol des Sorcières”
Artist: Abraham Fogg
Album: Metamorphosis
Label: n/a
Catalog: n/a
Link to short film, Metamorphosis:

“Mourning Light Pt. III”
Artist: Lisa Bella Donna
Album: Mourning Light
Label: Behind the Sky Music
Catalog: BTS-017

Track: “Near Dark”
Artist: Jason Van Wyk
Album: Threads
Label: N5MD
Catalog: MD291
Music journalist since 2000, published on-line and in print for the likes of Perfect Sound Forever, The Globe and Mail, Oxford Canada, Exclaim!, and Chain DLK among others. First book Muslimgauze: Chasing the Shadow of Bryn Jones a biography of the late Bryn Jones published and sold-out in 2014. Graduated a two year multimedia program in 2015 and now add audio/video production, photo stills, graphics and web dev to skills. Now hosting Feedback Monitor, a weekly netcast showcasing emerging electronic and experimental music with a dash of retro available on Chain DLK.Writer, reader, coffee, cat friend and multimedia practitioner. enthusiast with personal instance here:



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