We inform that 3 new Zoharum releases out on 21.09.2011
Z’EV & HATI – ‘ Heart of a Wolf’ 2CD
IN SCISSORS – ‘Mnemosyne & Structure of Time’
more about releases:
Z’EV & HATI – ‘Heart of a Wolf’ 2CD
Heart of a Wolf’ – it’s one of the most interesting and promising albums this year. You cannot be indifferent towards this record. Ritual sounds and mystical atmosphere, which infected those present on their Gdańsk and Toruń gigs, were captured and transferred perfectly on ‘Heart of a Wolf’.
‘Heart of a Wolf’ is the second collaborative album (after ‘#1’ released by Ars Benevola Mater) by the industrial legend Z’EV and Hati-the Polish duo from Toruń, but it’s the first one showing their interaction on stage during their 3rd Polish tour in May 2011. The tour itself was the continuation and development of their new sound project initiated by the joint gig on Unsound Festival in New York Labs in April 2011.
The album is available in 3 different versions: the first containing the basic CD only with the gig from Toruń, the second with 2CDs (the other one being the recording of the Gdansk gig) limited to 423 pieces and the third containing 2CD and a exclusive T-shirt strictly limited to 23 copies.
IN SCISSORS – ‘Mnemosyne & Structure of Time’
“Mnemosyne & The Structure Of Time” is a translation of the scenes that preceded the Earth’s decline in “Orbis Terrarum Requiem” into the sounds of iNsCissorS’ “Cinematic Ambient” where Mnemosyne, the ancient Hellenic Titan goddess of memory and remembrance and the inventress of language and words orchestrates the sequence of events and guides you throughout the complex cluster of the structure of time downwards to her lake in Hades where initiates used to drink in order to remember and bear memories along their journey through life.
iNsCissorS’ third full-length album is a new journey through places beyond the Earth’s surface composed and performed by Vincent Andelmoth but with the also greatly important feature and additional composing and arrangements of Jason Andelmoth.
Angel W. Black features giving her own enchanting touch with her astonishing voice either when lamenting as a queen that passed to silence or when invoking Hecate from Hades!
Finally, as in every album the artwork is an inseparable part of the concept of iNsCissorS. This time the images cloaking the music are designed by the well known photographer/image maker John Santerineross (
www.santerineross.com) who gave life to the image of Mnemosyne in his own unique way capturing the atmosphere of the album through his camera and translating it to another work of art!
Inspiration comes from various modern postmodern and futuristic art forms including sci-fi literature or films, minimalist and industrial underground music scene, amongst many other sources. The main such source of inspiration for ‘Future Chaos’ is today’s ever – changing world. Wars, poverty, global economy in crisis, fossil fuels depleting more rapidly every year could put an end to the world as we know it in a snap.A sudden catastrophe could drive human kind away from its technological progress straight into dark and really volatile enviroment of the dark future and into the chaos embedded within it. Some years past the critical moment on planet earth humans begin to leave their isolated and scatterred enclaves to reconquer the desolate postapocalyptic landscapes. A world where ancient rituals and neoprimitivism spread over ruined remains of a reckless past. My work is an illustration of a world after a sudden collapse of humanity and its civilisation in during 21 st century. ‘Future Chaos’ is a dark ambient passage into landscapes of this world of tribal and postindustrial elements.
Zoharum – new experimental art
www.zoharum.com – the label for experimental art
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www.hardart.alternation.pl – the mag for restless souls


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