HYBRYDS – ‘Soundtrack for the Antwerp Zoo Aquarium’

The reissue of a long-deleted classic album by this legendary Belgian project out now!

‘Soundtrack for the Antwerp Zoo Aquarium’ is an unusual album, even in comparison with other Hybryds works. It was created especially for the

150th anniversary of the Antwerp Zoo. Music composed by Sandy and Hermann (of Ah-Cama Sotz) was woven in between the sounds of dolphins, killer whales and the noise of the underwater world.

The Zoo director wrote the following in the preface: “Soundtrack for the Antwerp Zoo Aquarium” is a musical journey of the similar stature as “20 000 Leagues Under the Sea” by Julius Verne. Let it be the best recommendation for those who haven’t had a chance to get to know to one of

the best and most interesting albums in the Hybryds discography.



New album out now!

The latest Maciek Szymczuk album was prepared together with a British artist hidden under the moniker Slowtion. ‘Ways’ is a musical journey into

the depth of your own persona, the diary from spiritual journey in search of the answer on the meaning of the human existence where, among the

complexities and blind alleys, one can find an element of sacrum, the contact with the Absolute.

Musicwise, ‘Ways’ show slightly different traits of Maciek Szymczuk’s work. It may have happened this way because of the collaborative nature of

the project and Slowtion’s involvement in it. Also, it may have been the character of Joanna’s voice-delicate, ethereal that resembles Bristol sounds a bit.


HOARFROST – ‘Puppets of the Divine Coroner’

New Hoarfrost album out now!

Who is the man nowadays? A cogwheel in a machine, which he built by himself? A prisoner of a corporation – a modern labor camp? A hostage of a development, which has to proceed faster, faster and faster? A slave of money? A victim of his own ambitions? A castaway in a city of human zombies? A resident of a big cemetery, where he entombed his free will? A puppet? But in whose hands?

„Puppets of the divine coroner” is a reverie about the man, who wanted to control the world but he fell into the trap and became a prisoner of the reality, created by himself. Is there a chance for an escape from the point he reach?


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