RAPOON ‘Seeds in the Tide vol. 02’ 2CD
MAREK X. MARCHOFF ‘Funeral Musik fur Jenny Marchoff’ CD
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DAT RAYON ‘Junkyard
New digital album at Zoharum bandcamp profile

RAPOON ‘Seeds in the Tide vol. 02’ 2CD
In December last year “Seeds in the Tide Volume 01” saw the light of the date and met with loads of interest. As promised we continue the series with the second installment in this collection of Rapoon rarities.
This time, apart from compilation tracks, “Seeds in the Tide” features three (yes, three) rare releases. The first one being “Live at Klanggalerie” tape from 2000; the other 2 being “Pell Mell” and “Ep Et Vee” EPs, all the three released in very small quantities. “Seeds in the Tide Volume 02” is therefore your chance to grab these titles, not on eBay (where they fetch enormous sums), but in one collection at a reasonable price. All in all, the second volume contains 150 minutes of pure sonic bliss with a quality sign, just like any Rapoon release is.
Once again, the tracks were faithfully restored by Maciej Bartkowiak. The paintings on the cover is by Mr. Robin Storey himself and the design duties were handled by Zoharum in-house designer Maciej Mehring. The whole production process was overseen by Michał Porwet.
Note: this is the second volume in the series. Next year Zoharum is releasing the next volume covering rare tracks from years 2004-2007.

This release is strictly limited to 500 copies.

MAREK X. MARCHOFF ‘Funeral Musik fur Jenny Marchoff’ CD
The most atypical album in Marek Marchoff’s discography. For the first time, one will look for Different State traces in vain.
“Funeral Musik fur Jenny Marchoff” is the result of a recording session which took place around 15 years ago in quite unusual circumstances. It was created after Marek’s grandmother passing, a person who was a key figure in Marek’s life. The whole spectrum of emotions, from nostalgia through despair to moments of hope – all those can be found on this record. The theme/inspiration of this album may not be the most important for the listener, but the music itself. And it is based on sounds created with analogue synthesizers, tone generators and tape loops, so commonly used by contemporary musicians in the experimental scene. The music for this album was created at an express pace-just a couple of studio hours. 8 compositions, 60 minutes of music which is hard to define. It has been hidden deep down at the botton of the drawer for a number of years to be released just now. To convey the spirit of the original recordings, the material was not treated in any way. One can enjoy “Funeral Musik fur Jenny Marchoff” in the same shape as created many years ago.
The album is released in an ecopak strictly limited to 300 copies.
The first pre-ordered 50 copies has an additional booklet with photos and project description.

DAT RAYON ‘Junkyard‘ digital album
Dat Rayon is a new signee of Zoharum. “Junkyard” is its new long-player which will be distributed only digitally by Zoharum. “Junkyard” is a compilation of 11 tracks created in 2012 straight after the release of Dat Rayon’s debut album “Station Wagon” (Nasiono Records, 2012). Some of them constitute a portion of live repertoire, the others were published on the project’s web profile.
The artist hidden behind this moniker penetrates such distant regions as minimal, IDM, ambient and dub. Out of them, the project creates an intruguing mix which has a distinctive mark of Dat Rayon.
“Junkyard” is a stop-gap release before the main course which is the second album entitled “Motor City” to be released early in 2014 on Zoharum.

RAPOON ‘Seeds in the Tide vol. 01’ + ‘Seeds in the Tide vol. 02’ 4CDs W SPECJALNEJ CENIE
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RAPOON ‘Seeds in the Tides vol. 01’ +
RAPOON ‘Seeds in the Tides vol. 02’


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