We glad to inform that 21.03.2014 – it’s release date of New Zoharum albums:
RAPOON ‘The Fires of the Borderlands’ 2CD
RE-DRUM / B°TONG – split CD
More about releases:
RAPOON ‘The Fires of the Borderlands’ 2CD
It’s been 16 years since the release of Rapoon’s masterpiece entitled “The Fires of the Borderlands”. It is arguably his best known work which is still much appreciated by both old fans of his music and new-comers to it. Long out-of-print and much sought after, this classic has now received a well-deserved expanded reissue treatment.
Originally, “The Fires of the Borderland” is comprised of 11 tracks full of evocative ambient sonic textures. These sounds generate images of desert lands somewhere in uncharted countries in Africa or Middle East suspended in time. It is a chronicle of those lands which was found buried in the scorching sands. You can almost feel the texture of it in every second of this album which conjures up ghosts of people from those lands with writhing snakes at their feet.
This special edition is comprised of two discs. The first is the main album which is mastered from the original tapes, therefore, it sounds significantly better to the 1998 version. The bonus disc is a 40-minute live recording for the San Francisco-based radio KFJC which again proves that Robin Storey has mastered the ability to creating haunting sonic atmospheres.
This expanded edition of the album is packaged in a digipak sleeve and is limited to 500 copies worldwide.

Two years after well-received “Perpetua” album, INNER VISION LABORATORY returns to Zoharum with their new album entitled “Ambit”. Not a solo venture, but a collaborative effort with young, but promising NEPENTHE project. The album was 3 years in the making when they were searching for a common language and fiddling with sonic matter using the Internet in this respect, they have created a monolith – a very cohesive, yet symbiotic world. It might be easily labelled as “ambient”, yet they break the patterns of that style.
“Ambit” is composed of 7 compositions, clocking in at 50 minutes. It is composed of beautiful, yet unsettling melodies, for those who are fascinated with sounds coming from Cyclic Law and Loki Foundation labels, but also for new-comers to the genre. For those open-minded for something new and touching, a kind of music painted with the whole palette of colours and sounds.
RE-DRUM / B°TONG – split CD

The next Zoharum offering is the split album between Russian RE-DRUM and Swiss B°TONG. Each project has prepared 30 minutes for this special release.
Avid Zoharum observers already know Pavel Aleshin’s project called Re-DrUm. 5 years ago we released his album “S” and it was our 7th release. In the meantime, he has been touring extensively plus released one full album, a digital EP and offered his music on a split release with Rovar17. Now Pavel returns to Zoharum with 3 new tracks of contemplative nature. They are full of slow acoustic sounds and field recordings. His sound on “Hush!” is less droney than on “S”, but much more organic and laid-back. The second part of this release belongs to Chris Sigdell and his renowned project b°tong. In contrast to Re-DrUm, “Ascending in the Light of an Alien Sun” is a different affair – a dark, brooding affair full of oily drones and treated sounds. Again, composed of 3 songs, it takes you on a trip to the desolate factory inhabited with ghosts of its previous owners.
This special project is released in a mini-vinyl sleeve and is strictly limited to 400 copies worldwide.


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