Zoharum presents two new releases:
HYBRYDS – Mythical Music from 21st Century // ZOHAR 041-2
Albums’ release date: 28.02.2013
The next Maciek Szymczuk album Clouds sees the light of the day on 28th February and it is a logical and perfect continuation of contemplative motives from its predecessor called Ways.
Although the cover shows only Maciek’s name, the album is filled with guest appearances which add energy and ideas to the 14 compositions gathered here.
The music on Clouds is changeable, just like the nature of this weather phenomenon. At one point it is delicate and ethereal, when at the other it is stormy and dark (as signified on the cover.)
With all its diversity, all the tracks form one coherent whole which helps to relax and meditate a bit. With more focus on atmosphere than bouncy rythms, Clouds is more of a soothing experience.
Release date: 28.02.2013
Pre-order starts now at www.alchembria.pl
HYBRYDS – Mythical Music from 21st Century // ZOHAR 041-2
This is the second volume in the ongoing series of Hybryds reissues on Zoharum and it coincides with the 30th anniversary of artistic work of Sandy Nys and company.
“Mythical Music from the 21st Century”, the first full Hybryds release, collects tracks recorded between 1983 and 1986 scattered on various compilations.
Yet they form the first representation of their venture into the world of sonic rituals and magic. Their perspective on sound still has not been imitated or copied and even after 30 years they still sound fresh.
The album has been digitally remastered from the original stereo cassette master by none else but Sandy Nys, who also provided the cover based on the previous editions.
This is the ritual music at its best. Now you can enjoy it in the best digital quality.
Release date: 28.02.2013
Pre-order starts now at 
Also coming soon:

MARCHOFF & DROIN – Source of Vectors // ZOHAR 008-2 IYHHH
The next eighth instalment in the IYHHH series. This time it’s the MARCHOFF/DROIN album – a chronicle of their sonic experiments.
“Source of Vectors” is the most uncompromising face of these two artists. Sounds in the vein of glitch, power electronics, electroacoustics and noise aesthetics can be
found on the album. There is lots of dub/illbient rhythms, so characteristics forDIFFERENT STATE. compositions’ comprise this sonic subconscious journey.
The influence of it is current flow,extremities of electricity, experiments with electrical power, finding its source, hence the symbols as titles. Quite close located to Coil’s “Worship the Glitch” and “Time Machines”.
Moreover, the album is dedicated to Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson.
A must-have album for fans of DROIN (earlier releases on Beast of Prey) and DIFFERENT STATE.The album is released in an ecopack with a postcard and limited to 444 hand-numbered copies.
BRUNO ŚWIATŁOCIEŃ – Czerń i Cień // ZOHAR 042-2
The debut album by BRUNO ŚWIATŁOCIEŃ, a project founded by a musician and painter Bronisław Ehrlich. 9 songs in the vein of postpunk, darkwave with hints of ambient and post-rock.
Uncompomising lyrics and atmospheric music is a reflection of neurotic states of the band’s leader. Their music is a must-have for fans of Joy Division, early years of The Wolfgang Press,
but also fans of Blood Axis, In Gowan Ring or even Mogwai. One of the most promising debuts of the Polish new wave scene.
The album was produced by Michał “Goran” Miegoń – the musician of Kiev Office and The Shipyard, among the others, and the producer for many interesting bands hailing from 3city, Poland.
RAPOON – Vernal Crossing Revisited 2CD // ZOHAR 043-2
This is the 4th Rapoon release on Zoharum. And this one is really a treat. The double album celebrates the 20th anniversary of “Vernal Crossing” release, Robin Storey’s third album.
But it’s not a mere reissue. The artist revisited the original and adapted it for the 21 century,hence the title. “Vernal Crossing Revisited” is two sides of the same coin: the first disc contains
the original album (faithfully remastered by our label’s favourite Łukasz “Wookie”Miernik) and the other one being the 2013 reinterpretation of the original. This is Rapoon at its most rhythmic stage.
Prepare yourself for the journey to the desert.


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