Zoharum back after summertime
New titles out now:
HATI ‘zero coma zero | recycled magick emissions’
ZENIAL ‘Chimera’ LP 
HATI ‘zero coma zero | recycled magick emissions’
Amazing album of HATI available in two editions: stand and deluxe.
The album was originally released on Nefryt on a CDR limited to 250 copies. Now it sees the light of the day again, with new cover, new master and additional tracks from “recycled magick emissions” MCDR (released on Nefryt sister label-Malachit.) Despite the years, the material gathered here is still sparkling with untamed energy of acoustic sounds. The musicians built their own sonic constructions and used exotic instruments in an intriguing way. “zero coma zero” is a study of dying, death and rebirth-the objects used on the recording were either archaic ethnic instruments or they were found in the junkyard.
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of HATI’s live work, together with the project, Zoharum has prepared a “deluxe” edition of the “zero coma zero” album. It is presented in a wooden boxset and contains:
zero coma zero” digipak release, “zero coma zero +” cassette, “music for metal idiophones / genius loci” cassette, “works for scrap metal” CDR, “02/03/07 Teatr Groteska” CDR, 4 postcards, a sticker, a pin,
a personalized certificate signed by the musicians
This boxset, which is strictly limited to only 65 copies worldwide, 45 of which are available commercially through alchembria.pl, is a summary of the early years of HATI (2003-2006.)
Only 45 copies are available for sale Offer available only at alchembria.pl
ZENIAL ‘Chimera’ LP 
Zoharum presents its second vinyl release. This time it’s a full-length album by ZENIAL
Zoharum presents its second vinyl release. This time it’s a full-length album by Łukasz Szałankiewicz aka ZENIAL who returns to the label after two acclaimed releases (a solo album “Connection Reset by Peer” and a live album “There’s No Other God than Rambo!” by AABZU, a duo with Maciek Szymczuk.)
“Chimera” is 40-minutes of music that will appeal to fans of academic electronics as well as its contemporary genres followers.
What is more, 4 out of 5 compositions were created during Łukasz Szałankiewicz residency in prestigious EMS studio, which is a Stockholm counterpart of the legendary Polish Radio Experimental Studio.
The album was mastered by Marcin Bociński (Legato Recording).
The cover is graced by paintings of Wiktor Jackowski, one of the most interesting contemporary
painters of a younger generation, who is also the author of cover design.
The album is strictly limited to 200 copies.

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